Gold Ecopod

Gold Ecopod

Our gold Ecopod is the crème de la crème – a jewel, gilded in Dutch Metal Gold Leaf* and sealed with a shellac based varnish.

Gold Ecopod with feathersPrepared with a dark red lining of paper on the outer surface and onto which the Dutch Metal Gold Leaf is applied. The leaf has natural cracks and small breaks in the surface, which allow the underlying red surface to show through and add to the overall richness of the finish.The inner base of the Ecopod is covered with a natural calico mattress and the interior painted light cream, using eco-friendly paints.

As an optional extra, the walls of the interior can also be lined with feathers in a choice of colours, including  white, red, cream or pale blue.

The handles are a combination of metal and bamboo, and are inserted through loops at the ends of each carrying strap. They have been designed so that they can be removed prior to burial or cremation, and disposed of separately, or returned to us, as preferred.Straps for the gold Ecopod are availabe in either dark red, or natural finishes.Two sizes are available:

  • Gold Ecopod with red feathersSize 1 – height up to 5’3″; carrying a weight of up to 15 stone (210 lb or 95.25 kg)
  • Size 2 – height up to 6’0″; carrying a weight up to 18 stone (252 lb or 114.30 kg)

Due to the extensive hand finishing, each gold Ecopod takes a minimum of 5 working days to complete and the timing of delivery can be discussed at the time of enquiry.

*Dutch metal gold leaf is an alloy of copper and zinc.

Ecopods are also available in a range of coloured finishes.

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