Ecopod Designer

Ecopod Designer
hsThe Ecopod was designed by Hazel Selina, who worked for many years with natural birth. As her own family grew up and left home in the late 1980s, she felt that it was time to turn her attention to the primal event of death.
Hazel has had a lifelong interest in Ancient Egypt and the rituals surrounding both birth and death. She is a friend of the earth and is concerned about the pressing issues of ecology.
It was these interests and the fact that a friend she was caring for was dying, that prompted Hazel to begin an investigation into funerals, and particularly coffins.
Research from The Natural Death Centre, London, showed that a huge proportion of the coffins used every year are made from chipboard, covered with laminate and have non-functional plastic handles attached.
The Ecopod was therefore specifically designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to offer only minimal pollution to the atmosphere, when cremated and to the earth when buried.
The coffin design is based on a seed pod, with its natural organic form, and the concept of that seed being planted in the earth for the process of regeneration and new life.
Recycled paper that would otherwise be discarded is balanced with the joy of coloured paper, overlaid on top of a beautiful shape that is both modern and yet echoes back to Ancient Egypt – these elements were the inspiration for the Ecopod.
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