Cotton Ashes Bag

Optional Cotton Ashes Bag

Ashes can either be placed directly into the ARKA Acorn Urn, or first transferred into our optional 100% cotton draw string ashes bag, secured with a cotton draw tape. The bags are 25 x 35 cm.

In the UK, cremation ashes are often presented to the family in a boxed, functional plastic container, or a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. They can be easily transferred to a new and more appropriate vessel, such as the ARKA Acorn Urn,  by family and friends. Your funeral director will also usually offer this service.

Our cotton ashes bags can be purchased, along with the Acorn Urn, either from a funeral director, or from several websites.

Retail purchases
Please follow the links to the sites detailed on the Acorn Urn main page.

Wholesale Enquiries
Please e-mail for further information and prices.