Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

ARKA Acorn Urn - image ©Amanda Jackson/ FotoDocument

Brighton Photo Biennial
Brighton Photo Biennial is the UK’s largest international photography festival. For the 2014 event, the organisers worked in close partnership with a wide range of regional, national and international collaborators to develop a series of new projects on the theme of Communities, Collectives & Collaboration.

Amanda Jackson, a Midlands and Pembrokeshire based photographer, specialising in portraiture and interiors was commissioned by FotoDocument in partnership with Photoworks and Bioregional, to create a series of images on Sustainable Materials, which is one of ten photo essay commissions on One Planet Living.

We were delighted to have been contacted by Amanda and for images of the Ecopod and ARKA Acorn Urn to be included in the exhibition, which will be on at Emmaus, Drove Road, Brighton until July 31st 2015.

(Images of the ARKA Acorn Urn and ARKA Ecopod shown here from the exhibition ©Amanda Jackson/ FotoDocument)

Follow the link below for further details of the Sustainable Materials exhibition and
the other nine photo essays that make up One Planet Living.

ARKA Ecopod image copyright Amanda Jackson & Fotodocument

Hazel Selina, designer of the Ecopod, with Amanda Jackson at the exhibition opening